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Disgruntled Landlord



Being a landlord has its pros and cons. If you have good tenants who take care of the property, pay rent on time and are civil, you can breath a sigh of relief. But bad tenants have the ability to make your life hell. Sometimes managing a property on a day-to-day basis could be difficult to handle as well. From broken pipes to stuffed drains to broken kitchen cabinets to pets, these are just some of the issues that landlords deal regularly.

If you are one of those disgruntled landlord who is sick of handling all these situations or whose tenants neither pays on time nor vacate the property, we can help you. You can sell your property to us in an “As-is” condition and we’ll take it from there. Give us a call at 412-944-2546 or fill in the form below if you want us to visit your property and give you a cash offer.

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